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this is where we would put the most current info and eventually be the default start page - although presently the welcome page is default

Also links to the senior pictures, yearbook,....


see the class of 75 website as an example of a poplated site - http://www.usc1975.com/Welcome.asp



About the application

This application has dynamic access levels - which means new access levels may added at any time and any access level view and table access may be changed. The admin level includes the access control panel.

Present login access levels:

  • default - this is the default after registering, view same as general public but with login
  • viewer - able to view only - elevated to this level after registering - views a restricted number of tables
  • editor - able to view/copy/edit only - elevated to this level after registering - a restricted number of tables
  • manager - able to view/copy/edit and delete - able to view all tables except User levels and permissions.

login access levels - use level name to log in and use as password:

To go to the home page select the Home - in the menu above.

any questions, contact us at: administrator@usc1975.com


To change your Login ID / Email and about profiles

If you want to change your Login Id or your email (linked to password recovery) - please send the updated info (along with the orginal info for verification) to the administrator and the changes will be made and you will be notified.
Your login ID number - from when you originally registered - is set for specific tables so only you may edit the data - Profiles is one.

Those who have Profiles, they are linked to your Login ID number (unique autonumber) - when you register - all have been relinked to your ID in the new application, if you are not able to edit your porfile, please let me know - although I don't anticipate any problems.


New Members

Once a new member registers, they will be sent an email to the address they registered with. Once they receive the email, they will follow the link in the email to verify and activate the account. This will allow you to log in and automatically be at the "Default" access level - To view the Address bbok and personal info for our group they must be elevated to a viewer or editor level. Once you register, the administrator is automatically notified and will elevate your access level accordingly.

any questions Contact Us

Note: we have already set up the class of '74 -working on the class of 76 - just purchased their domain up to 2021. The class of 75 - just moved to another server and purchased the domain up to 2019 - all with automatic renewal.

Upper St. Clair High School Alumni Contact Us:   administrator@usc1975.com